Mike Scarcello


Mike Scarcello has over 30 years of experience in satellite uplink experience and camera work but that is not the most interesting information about the Freebird Communications founder and president.  Back in 1982, while working for local CBS affiliate, KCTV 5, Mike Scarcello volunteered for what was then, the first Live Television truck in operation in the midwest region.  Mike laughs as he recalls the story of literally learning on the fly how to operate the truck along with the complexities of engineering live television in the early 1980s.  Mike’s learning curve was so fast and strong that by 1985 when the Kansas City Royals (the days of George Brett) were playing the Cardinals, Mike set up the first truck and trailer dish-combo in the area so as to feature live shots of the Royals during their incredible World Series win in October of 1985.  

Ever-the-autodidact, Mike’s live television truck work was quickly adopted by CBS who saw the wisdom of owning at least half of this ground-breaking engineering work and CBS used the truck frequently in those early days of live satellite television.  By 1988, Mike set up a satellite truck for Morris Verlander of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and realized it was time for him to set up his own truck for the Kansas City area.  Mike served as ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Supervisor for KCTV 5 from 1991-2001 and maintains a more than amicable relationship with the station and their many camera professionals and engineers.  

The most important thing to know about Mike is that he truly cares–one need only talk to Mike to see that he cares about his staff and clients as much as his own family.  Mike also cares about the work and the tragedies and natural disasters he has witnessed have left a mark on him.  Frankly, those experiences have increased his commitment to Freebird Communications clients and delivering the best, possible service.  As Mike would say, “Everything I do is with an eye toward the future.”  

Mike established Freebird Communication Inc., in 2001 and the list of Freebird clients includes Fox Business, ESPN, ABC, The Weather Channel and Fox Sports just to name a few.