LiveU Backpack

LiveU is portable video-over-cellular technology, addressing all demands for full HD or SD quality, resiliency, availability, mobility and sub-second latency in a highly innovative technological solution.  LiveU has developed several advanced proprietary algorithms that enable resilient high-quality video transmission over multiple cellular networks. 
Features & Capabilities:

Multi-Channel Aggregation: Bonds up to 14 modems over any and all 3G/4G LTE cellular, WiMAX networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BGAN satellite
Fully Integrated Unit: Everything is included in one compact and easy-to-use device
Full HD Video: From CIF up to 1080 High-Definition
Any Video Camera: Interfaces to SDI, HDMI, DV or analog A/V input
Operational Modes: Optimized for specific scenarios such as Interview (sub-second latency), File Transfer and more
Multi-Client Video Receiver: Using off-the-shelf hardware, the server software supports multiple field units simultaneously with SDI outputs, FME, WME, and H.264 streaming
Diverse Power-Supply: Internal battery, Anton-Bauer, IDX, 110/220 AC, Vehicle Lighter
Additional Features: IFB, Remote Monitoring and Control, Media Recording, Store-and-Forward Mode etc.